Sally Williams “Sustainable Sally”
Master of Ceremonies

It has been well over 25 years since Sally Williams first appeared on our TV screens. Dubbed the Brand Power Lady, the trusted voice has promoted everything from muesli bars to washing detergent. Her engaging and considered approach has been the secret of commercial success for both the series and the brands it promoted.

But when her contract was up for renegotiation, Sally used the opportunity to make a significant career change. Changing the way she lived and changing the way she would make her living. Along with this change in direction came a change in name. The Brand Power lady has made the transition into “Sustainable Sally”

Sally Williams now works with a broad range of clients in the sustainable sector both in the B2B and B2C from the recycling industry, fmcg packaging & products, waste management, renewables, etc etc.


The Hon. Matt Kean
Minister for Energy and Environment

Matt Kean entered Parliament in 2011 and spent his early years advocating for stronger mental health policy.

Elevated to the NSW Cabinet in 2017, he was appointed Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation in 2017.

Following the 2019 NSW election, he was appointed Minister for Energy and Environment.

Since this appointment, Kean has added substantial expanses of land to the NSW National Parks’ Estate, beating and then doubling acquisition targets which will mean an extra 400,000 hectares (over five per cent) will be added by the end of 2022.

An outspoken critic of “climate denialism” he has campaigned for greater and national action on climate change, particularly in the wake of the 2019-20 bushfires.

Championing a more progressive set of energy and climate policies in the Liberal Party, he has argued that the centre of Australian politics needs to reclaim its voice in the political debate.

In 2020, he delivered the biggest renewable energy policy in Australia’s history.

The Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap: a 20-year plan for NSW’s energy infrastructure that incentivises private investment in renewable energy while simultaneously reducing emissions and lowering electricity bills for the families and businesses of NSW.

He has shown that when politicians make a concerted effort to find common ground and put aside tribal and ideological differences, real and lasting reform can be achieved.


Rayne de Gruchy
Chair – NSW Environment Protection Authority

Rayne brings to the EPA strong experience in the field of regulation acquired as chief operating officer of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, and as executive director of the Australian Financial Institutions Commission where she set the policy direction for regulation of Australian non-bank financial institutions and co-ordinated effective State regulatory supervision.

A lawyer by training, Rayne has considerable experience working with lawyers and organisations to achieve effective regulatory outcomes. She has experience in the corporate world stemming from practice as a commercial and banking and finance lawyer in her earlier days and experience as a non-executive director of two public companies.


Val Southam
CEO – Keep Australia Beautiful NSW

Val has been a senior executive in the environment industry for 30 years, and CEO and Executive Director of KAB NSW for three years.She has had senior environmental affairs roles in major corporates in the packaging industry and was the Chief Executive Officer of the Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) for 15 years.Val brings a wealth of experience having served on several boards and government advisory committees including the Federal Government’s Product Stewardship Advisory Committee, the Oil Stewardship Advisory Council, the National Packaging Covenant Council, and the National Packaging Industry Association.


Rupert Saville
NSW Environment Protection Authority

Rupert Saville currently manages the NSW EPA Litter Prevention Unit, having worked in the Unit for the last 5 years across a range of programs, including the litter prevention grants program and developing the new cigarette butt litter prevention program.

Rupert has over 15 years’ experience working across local, state and federal government and the community sector on a range of community and sustainability behaviour change programs.


John Lavarack
NSW Environment Protection Authority

John Lavarack joined the NSW EPA in 2017 following many years’ experience in local government and university sectors. He has been both a practitioner and researcher in areas covering sustainability, environmental protection, and community and organisational engagement. He relishes achieving challenging litter reduction targets for NSW. It is not the numbers themselves that thrill him but the way that a clear focus on a shared intent unlocks the potential of communities to achieve something important, together.


Cameron Colebatch
Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

Cameron Colebatch is the Director of Plastics, Packaging and Food Waste within the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. Key priorities for 2021 include the National Plastics Plan and actions halve Australia’s food waste by 2030. Cameron has previously worked on water reform policy, biodiversity conservation policy and Australia’s engagement with the OECD, International Union for Conservation of Nature, and the United Nations Environment Assembly.


Dr Alicia Lloyd
Northern Beaches Council

Alicia has worked on sustainability issues since her PhD on the impact of ocean acidification on reef-building corals and seeing the devastation that plastic had on turtles and local marine life. Alicia ran business engagement initiatives through community organisations such as Plastic Free Manly, Plastic Free Bondi and Sustainable Organisations of Manly, to align the economy with protection of the ocean. Alicia now works at Northern Beaches Council, running the Swap for Good business program with Sasha Lucius.


Sasha Lucius
Northern Beaches Council

Sasha originally trained in Education and has since worked with the community identifying needs, developing and implementing programs. Sasha commenced at Northern Beaches Council 9 years ago, working on education programs for Waste, Building Compliance, Rangers & Enforcement, Health, Companion Animals and Youth Services.

In 2019 Sasha, along with her colleague Alicia, started developing and implementing Swap for Good, a program supporting businesses transitioning away from single-use plastic.


Lisa Wriley
Total Environment Centre

Lisa Wriley has been a Campaigner on waste issues for the Total Environment Centre and Boomerang Alliance since 2010. She also works as an Environmental Educator on the Central Coast, supporting local schools in the Wiping out Waste program and volunteers with Kariong Eco Garden, a sustainable living education centre. Lisa has been part of the Ocean Action Pod team engaging students and the community in solutions to plastic pollution because, in the words of the Lorax “unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better it’s not.”


Rosanna Perillo
Ocean Action Pod

Rosanna is the manager of the Ocean Action Pod and has been with the program for 4 years. Also a TAFE teacher, she is able to rally people together from all different backgrounds to make a collective impact at every event. Now in its fifth year, she hopes to bring the Pod to more disadvantaged schools as well as to the front of the Sydney Opera House.


Joanna Horsley
Responsible Cafes

Jo Horsley is the General Manager of Responsible Cafes. She has 18 years experience working on a range of behaviour change initiatives through the creation of digital platforms, events, and communications/ad campaigns at organisations such as RBG Sydney, The Climate Institute and Garage Sale Trail, with global brands such as Virgin Mobile, YouTube and Dyson. She grew up sailing and is passionate about ocean conservation and reducing single use plastic – especially for her 4 year old daughter’s generation.


Danielle Smalley
Exchange for Change

Danielle is an experienced senior leader who is attracted to organisations she can be passionate about. That’s why she joined Exchange for Change as their CEO in January 2020 and is proud to be leading an organisation that is committed to delivering environmental, social and economic benefits through the container deposit schemes in NSW and the ACT. Prior to this Danielle has led high performing teams in organisations she was equally passionate about because they made people’s lives better including the Greater Sydney Commission, Sydney Metro, and Sydney Water.


Shannon Mead
No More Butts

With a background in leadership roles across Asia for Microsoft and Nokia over the past decade, Shannon Mead resigned corporate life in 2020 to create an environmental charity. Outside of work, Shannon has always been a passionate volunteer and member of various theatre, sporting and educational committees.


Linda Thoresen
Keep Australia Beautiful WA

Linda Thoresen is the Manager of Keep Australia Beautiful Council Services in the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. Linda manages 10 program and regulatory staff and is responsible for implementing the Litter Prevention Strategy for Western Australia 2020-2025. Linda has a Bachelor of Education and a Graduate Diploma of Journalism.


Rohan Swan
Keep Australia Beautiful WA

Rohan Swan is a program coordinator with Keep Australia Beautiful WA (KABC) and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. His main roles are coordinating litter prevention projects with major KABC partners (such as Main Roads WA and Local Government). Rohan has a Bachelor of Science in Coastal Geomorphology and has a particular interest in marine debris research and prevention and is currently developing a project to analyse marine debris on the Dampier Archipelago in the Pilbara region of WA.


Juliet Scrine

After working in the marketing and events industry for over 20 years Juliet started her own theatre company with business partner Ian McColm looking at using live performances to compliment environmental engagement strategies.

Since starting the company Juliet has seen a real change in the approach of the general public to environmental issues and she is proud to be a part of that change.


Marina De Bris

Sydney based artist Marina DeBris began picking up trash along beaches over 20 years ago. Her mission began when she moved from Bondi Beach to Venice Beach, CA.

Trained as a graphic designer at Rhode Island School of Design, Marina’s interest in the intersection of art and the environment has been a constant. Her artwork has gained international attention and her installation the “Inconvenience Store” won 3 awards at Sculpture by the Sea, including the People’s Choice. Her work is currently on view at the Australian Maritime Museum.


Dr Bowen Fung
Behavioural Insights Team

Dr Bowen J Fung is a Research Advisor for the Behavioural Insights Team, and is based in Melbourne. His work focuses on public health, sustainability and using innovative statistical methods to gain new insights. His primary experience is in the cognitive sciences, and has worked across the fields of brain imaging, emotion research, decision making, time perception, Alzheimer’s disease, and machine learning.


Saul Wodak
Behavioural Insights Team

Saul Wodak is an Associate Advisor in BIT’s Sydney office. Saul has a MSc in Behaviour Change from University College London, which focused on pro-environmental behaviour change and sustainable food consumption. Saul has also worked in neuroscience, using brain stimulation for studies of music perception, and with the SMARTER team at Hill and Knowlton Strategies in London, where he designed health awareness campaigns.


Alice Morgan
NSW Environment Protection Authority

Alice is a Project Officer in the Litter Prevention Unit. She manages litter enforcement projects within the EPA, including the Report to EPA Littering from Vehicles application. She has worked in litter and resource recovery since 2012 in various roles in communications and marketing across NGO, associations, and government. Her background also includes organics, business recycling, and problem waste. She has taken her previous digital experience and expanded into larger government ICT projects.


Edwina Foulsham
NSW Dept of Planning, Industry and Environment

Edwina Foulsham is a coastal and marine scientist at the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. Her current work focuses on marine debris research and monitoring in the coastal landscapes and waters of NSW. In collaboration with the UNSW and a marine debris working group of industry experts, she is currently involved in undertaking a marine debris specific threat and risk assessment for the Marine Estate management Authority.


Dr Graeme Clark
University of New South Wales

Graeme is a marine ecologist at the University of New South Wales, specialising in marine and coastal ecosystems and the pressures that impact them. He is working in partnership with Tangaroa Blue Foundation to analyse the Australian Marine Debris Initiative database, and is developing the first marine debris threat and risk assessment (TARA) for NSW government. He is also writing the Coasts chapter of the Commonwealth 2021 State of the Environment Report, which includes a national assessment of marine debris.


Mr Paul Maguire PSM
Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Paul is the Director of Education at Taronga and has worked there for over 25 years in the education sphere and a significant period as the Director of Guest Experience and Community Conservation. He is passionate about nature, conservation, youth, Indigenous issues and behaviour change. In 2017 his hard work and dedication was recognised with him being awarded the Public Service Medal for contributions to conservation education.


Belinda Fairbrother
Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Belinda has worked on high profile projects and campaigns in the Not-for-Profit sector, with both Australian and global impact. In London, Belinda led the climate change and sustainability campaigns for the largest women’s charity in the UK. Belinda then led the Wilderness Society Sydney as the NSW Campaign Manager, before moving to Taronga Conservation Society Australia. Belinda joined the inaugural journey of Homeward Bound, a groundbreaking leadership, strategic and science initiative for women, set against the backdrop of Antarctica.


Brendon Andrei
Blacktown City Council

Brendon has worked in the environmental industry for over 13 years. Initially employed in the area of natural resource management, he gained early awareness of the effect litter has on the environment, community and council resources. He has held numerous roles with Blacktown City Council including managing bush regeneration contracts and overseeing the implementation of the Biodiversity Strategy.  He now coordinates the implementation of the Clean Cities Strategy and manages litter prevention programs, littering blitzes and industrial pride projects.


Dane Lee Marx
Positive Change for Marine Life

Dane Lee Marx holds a BSc in Biology, Earth & Environmental Sciences, an Honours in Zoology & Ecology, and an MSc in Conservation Biology. He has experience working in consulting, running conservation projects and ecological management in the Seychelles Islands, and as the Director of a large NGO in Fiji. This work has seen him oversee a wide range of projects from species to ecosystem and marine conservation, community health, education, and sustainable development initiatives. In his current role he is charge of Positive Change for Marine Life’s campaigns in Northern NSW, working alongside local community, partners, volunteers, and staff to drive positive environmental outcomes.


Joanne Taranto
Good for the Hood

Jo Taranto is an energetic and passionate communicator that inspires every-day people to create community change. As co-founder of social enterprise, Good for the Hood,Jo is an expert contributor on topics including waste, sustainability and climate change, appearing regularly across national media outlets and podcasts. Jo holds qualifications in health science and environment, and has over 20 years of on the ground behaviour change experience, most recently with local governments.


Sue Burton
Cooks River Alliance

The Cooks River litter comes from over a half million people packed into 100 square kilometres with 12.6 tonnes recently pulled out over 2 weeks. Sue’s role as Executive Officer of the Alliance brings together broad experience working across waste, biodiversity, water, NRM and energy with everyone at all ages. Ideal qualifications to tackle this wicked problem.


Siobhan Threlfall
OceanWatch Australia

Siobhan is a Project Officer at OceanWatch Australia. During her time at OWA Siobhan helped to organise and implement the Tide to Tip Program, a clean-up initiative led by the NSW Oyster Industry, which helps to combat marine debris in our nations waterways. She has also worked closely with the NSW Abalone Association on urchin management, and the development of the NSW Environmental Code of Practice for Abalone and SUTS Fisheries and associated Training Package.


Dr Michelle Blewitt

Dr Michelle Blewitt, Program Director of AUSMAP – Australian Microplastic Assessment Project (Total Environment Centre, Sydney), is a Marine Scientist, with over 30 years’ experience, with a passion for education, research and conservation.  Michelle is passionate about raising awareness and empowering communities about the issue of marine debris and determined to find innovative ways to research, educate and communicate the impact of debris in the aquatic environment, and designing effective solutions.


Dr Scott Wilson
AUSMAP & Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Macquarie University

Dr Scott Wilson is the Research Director with AUSMAP (Australian Microplastic Assessment Project) and a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Macquarie University.  For the last 10 years he has researched the impacts of plastics and marine debris in aquatic environments both in Australia and internationally. His current focus is on documenting sources and understanding pathways of plastics in the environment, while partnering with stakeholders and the community to help reduce these inputs.


Elaine Fernandes
Sustainability Victoria

Elaine manages the delivery of the multi-year Victorian Litter Plan and works across the households and climate change coordination team in litter prevention, climate projects, behaviour change and stakeholder engagement.

She has over a decade’s experience across private and public sectors in climate resilience/adaptation, litter management, and sustainability education.She is passionate about communicating climate science and environmental education to the community.