Current Sponsors

Keep Australia Beautiful NSW would like to thank our sponsors and partners for their generous support:

Presenting Partner

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) protects our environment and the community by being a leader, partner and protector. We are the primary environmental regulator for NSW and our purpose is to improve environmental performance and waste management across the State.

We lead in protecting our air, waterways, land and the health of the community for the future; We work with communities, government and business to reduce our impact on the environment; and we hold people and organisations to account through licensing, monitoring, regulation and enforcement.

Our vision is for New South Wales to have a healthy environment, healthy community and healthy business. We believe healthy ecosystems are the foundation for healthy communities, a healthy economy and for enhancing liveability.

Tea Breaks Sponsor – Day 1

Founded in 2009 in Sydney, Cheeki is proud to be Australia’s leading brand of reusable water bottles, coffee cups, lunch boxes and food jars. We share the #refillreuse message through our range of innovative, sustainable and colourful products that have been designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Networking Event Sponsor

Stormwater360 is a leader in developing innovative and efficient site-specific solutions that manage the impact of stormwater runoff on the built environment, and prevent contaminants in the runoff from entering aquatic ecosystems.

Our filtration devices have been developed to remove an array of contaminants, including sediment, heavy metals and nutrients, to meet the most stringent regulatory authority requirements.